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Since many of you have recently joined us, following my move to WordPress, I thought I would take some time to explain my blogroll, as setting it up has been (and still is) an ongoing project.  I’ve done a lot of legwork for you, in finding the blogs that I’ve chosen to share!  Before putting a someone on my blogroll, I follow their blog for at least a month, looking for the following criteria:

1.  Small enough to still be personal.  The big minimalist blogs: The Minimalists, Becoming Minimalist, Zen Habits, Minimalist Mom, etc., all contain a wealth of information, but you don’t need my help finding them.  Instead, I’m looking for smaller blogs that are actually written by the author.  I’m looking for more voice, more community, than out-and-out information.

2.  To be on my list, the author needs to do something to foster community.  That would mean answering comments, answering e-mails, etc.

3.  Updated on a regular basis.  Generally speaking, this would mean at least once a week, although there are exceptions.  But, basically, when I first set up my blogroll, I would start following people who would stop updating, all too frequently.  The people on my list here, are pretty hard-core!

4.  Minimal advertising in posts.  It’s tempting to want freebies and money, but some minimalist bloggers have seriously sold out.  I’ve worked hard to find people who don’t (or very, very rarely) do sponsored posts and other sorts of advertising, under the guise of information. 

So, in case you’re new here, let me re-introduce everyone.

Be More With Less
Yes, this is one of the bigger minimalist blogs, but Courtney does so much to foster community, that I had to include her! An absolute expert on time management, Courtney still replies to her comments and answers every e-mail she receives.

Born Again Minimalist
Caitlyn offers a unique perspective as a relatively newer minimalist. Her posts are extremely honest, and she always generates great discussion.

Farming Your Backyard
Probably the best homesteading blog I’ve ever seen, Kathryn gives tips for self-sufficiency and life without a refrigerator. I’m going to use a lot of her suggestions next summer, when we’re on the boat.

Gold Stars Double Rainbows
Allison and Isiah are living in Paraguay, volunteering with the Peace Corps, and they share their adventures–and their joy–in living this simple, very meaningful lifestyle.

Intentionally Simple
Minimalism and parenthood definitely work well together, and Rachel gives many practical suggestions for living simply, with young children. She has a good mix of practical tips and slice-of-life type posts and pictures.

Just a Little Less
Claire’s blog is charming, and…well…cozy. She focuses not only on the larger ideas of minimalism, but also on the simple delights that make everyday worthwhile.

Little Red Suitcase
Like Claire, Heather focuses on simple pleasures as well, and her beautiful photography and sweet honesty make this blog a must-read.

Living Lagom
Everyday, no matter what happens, we all have the choice to laugh or to cry. And Sandra will always choose the former. She shares her sense of humor, at all of life’s absurdities, as she strives to find “lagom” (Swedish for “just enough”) in all aspects of life.

Living Simply Free
Lois has got a bit of everything! She tackles both the practical and philosophical aspects of minimalism. My favorites: her repurposed trash and thrift store finds, and her extensive list of links (be prepared to do a LOT of reading!) every Friday.

Miss Minimalist
This is another larger blog, but I had to include it, because Francine’s blog is definitely the hub of the minimalist community! Francine has been taking some time off, enjoying her toddler and all that motherhood has to offer, but she still features “Real Life Minimalist” guest posts once a week.

Plastic is Rubbish
“Polyethyline Pam” travels the world, completely avoiding plastic! Her blog is very action-oriented, featuring pictures of polluted areas, out-of-control-trash and tips for living life without plastic.

Simply Super Kim
Kim gave up a high-paying job to move closer to her family, and re-invented herself, as a minimalist, in the process! She focuses mainly on the philosophical side of minimalism, with a few practical tips in-between.

Slow Your Home
I’ve already shared Brooke’s book with you, but you also need to check out her blog! Just like in her book, Brooke’s emphasis is on being intentional with time, but she also gives many practical tips for decluttering and organizing.

Smallish Blog
All right, so it was the title that made me want to check out this blog! Evelyn and her family moved to a small house, which she calls the “Shoebox,” and she shares their adventures in living in a “smallish” space.

Streamlined Living
Sandy is new to the minimalist blogging community, and she shares tips and stories from her simple life, with a toddler. She has a mix of philosophical and practical posts.

The Ramble
Gigi travels around the world, living simply and seeing all there is to see. Her blog focuses mainly on telling stories–very good stories!–about her adventures.

The Simple Year
Kerry and her family are buying nothing new for an entire year! She shares amusing stories, tips, and lessons learned from her project.

Writing from Afar
An adventurer, Tony began his blog with a very specific destination in mind. But, gradually, his focus has changed from fixating on the end goal, to getting all that he can out of the journey. His stories are definitely my favorite aspect of his blog, where he also shares tips for living intentionally with time and money.

Zach Aboard
Cindy’s two children–Zach and his little sister, Naia–have never lived on land! She shares beautiful pictures, stories, and ideas from their life aboard the Majestic. My favorite posts are the ones about sailing–we definitely share the same passion!

Zen Presence
Dan’s writing focuses on Zen philosophy, intentional living, anti-consumerism, and sustainable living. So he has a very diverse audience with some great discussion! Dan’s writing is brilliant in its simplicity–he can make a point beautifully in very few words.

Happy reading everyone!


15 thoughts on “About my Blogroll

  1. Thank you for such nice words about my blog. I think what you have done, sharing the reason each and every blog is on your blogroll is something more people should do. I frequently click through blogrolls looking for some thing new and only have the name of the blog to go on. As a result I have more misses than hits on what I was looking for.

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  3. Thanks Bethany for putting this list together – and for including me! 🙂 There are some great little blogs on the list – I really like “Just a little less” – you’re right it’s cozy! 🙂

  4. Hi Bethany. I think it’s great that you support and promote small blogs like mine. Your descriptions are spot on. Found out about Tony’s interesting blog here today – great that you support UK blogs. Many thanks xo

  5. Gosh thanks for listing me – and in such good company. I like your links and I love your blog. Your journey with little Bean sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

      • Can you cross the atlantic in your boat? That would be some ride. BTW think the blog layout looks great – very relaxed, very stylish.

        • Thanks! I think it’s a bit less ’90’s, than OSCL was…LOL

          We won’t cross the Atlantic in Moonraker, but it has been done, in an I29. We might live aboard full time on Moonraker, but eventually we’ll want something bigger–perhaps something with a center cockpit, so we can have a separate stateroom. We’re minimalists, but not THAT hard-core! 😉 We’d feel safer crossing the ocean in something larger.

    • Thanks for writing such a fun blog! I’ve been following you adventures–but the computer I’ve been using has an outdated browser that won’t let me write comments. 😦

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