The Best Addition to Our Basement

I have a 5 1/2 year old.  And I still change diapers.

My daughter is beautiful.  And she reads pre-primers.  She writes, she spells.  She’s absolutely brilliant, and creative.  And a social butterfly.

But she has sensory issues.  Which delays potty training.

So you need to understand that Rob and I have changed diapers for 81 months.  At 5 diapers a day, on average, that’s 405 diapers! 

Beanie has been doing well with potty training at school.  But, at home, it hadn’t been happening.  Finally, I suggested that, maybe, it’s the inconvenience of having to go upstairs to the unheated bathroom. 

So, Rob picked up a Port-a-Potty for the basement.  It’s been nothing but success since then!  My Jelly Bean has been earning LOTS of handfuls of marshmallows!  She’ll even get up from video-gaming, to use the potty. 

And the Port-a-Potty will get her ready for using the potty in our motor home, and on Moonraker (we’re redoing that bathroom though–it has issues).

Definitely a big day in our family!


7 thoughts on “The Best Addition to Our Basement

  1. I’m glad your days of diapers may be coming to a close. I did something similar with my youngest, we lived in a townhouse at the time and the only bathroom was upstairs. I rearranged the furniture so the potty chair was behind the couch giving him privacy and hiding it from guests as well. No problems with potty training.

    • Yes, easily for us, Beanie doesn’t care at all about privacy. She pulls off all of her clothes when she gets home! But she loves having her own potty… She’ll probably poop in front of guests too.

  2. Yay! My Libby (also 5 1/2) has been doing well with the potty lately too. It must be in the air! We discovered that if we keep a heater running in the bathroom she is much more likely to use it. The cold seat was just too much for her to cope with.

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