You Might be a Minimalist If…

Good morning, fellow People Who Don’t Have a Lot of Stuff (and People Who Shouldn’t Have So Much Stuff)! For your reading pleasure, I have compiled for you this list.

You just might be a minimalist if…

1. You are positive that wine tastes best out of a mason jar.

2. You know that people don’t notice if you wear the same outfits each week…or each day.

3. You brag about how busy you aren’t.

4. You think that having 100 possessions is so five minutes ago.

5. You use the word “intentional” no less than 5 times a day.

6. When visiting friends’ houses, you automatically sit on the floor.

7. You own canvas shopping bags and refillable travel mugs, which are never in your car when you need them!

8. You’ve ridden a bicycle through the snow. More than once.

9. You know of all the best sources for parts for old Volvos or VW’s.

10. You’ve walked into a store barefoot.

11. You think the concept of refrigerating eggs and dairy products is absurd.

12. You are used to eating leftovers cold. (Or room temperature).

13. When you tell your friends that you have 8 plates, you are confessing your deepest secret.

I hope that brought a smile to your face this morning. And, by all means, feel free to add to my list!

17 thoughts on “You Might be a Minimalist If…

  1. Great list, guess I’m a real minimalist as I found myself nodding to just about each item as I read it. Here are a couple more I can think of:
    You might be a minimalist if your bed is now your couch and the favorite seat in the house.
    You might be a minimalist if you no longer remember how to use an oven.

  2. just started reading your blog and can really relate to it. I have been a minimalist for quite awhile. I reaffirmed my minimalist ways this past weekend when I went to our local JCP store (which is closing) and even with prices slashed, walked around the entire store and bought nothing. Thought at first I might need something but quess what? I have everything I need. Looking foward to reading your blog every a.m. with my coffee.

  3. When your place is just too big and the unused space is so much of a waste that you have to move into a smaller home.

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