Welcome!  This is my first official post at Journey to Ithaca.  I am hoping everyone has found their way here from Our So-Called Life.

A number of you have found this site through WordPress, and you have probably been wondering what I have been up to.  Nearly two years ago, I began writing “Our So-Called Life,” and I have been transferring the posts over here.  The month and year of those posts is listed as the category.  This site is still under construction–in the days ahead, I will be transferring over the comments that have been written on my posts at Our So-Called Life, as well as fixing the links within the posts, so that they will not link back to my old site. 

Who am I?  Well, I am Bethany, a 30-something, happily married, breadwinning mother of one.  We spend our summers living aboard Moonraker, our Islander I29 sailboat, as we explore the Great Lakes.  The summer of 2011 ended in near-disaster, but we were very successful last summer.  Time will only tell what the summer of 2013 will bring!  Our family also practices minimalism (don’t worry–we certainly aren’t perfect!  But we follow it in spirit) and natural living. 

For more background, please read the links on the “Start Here” page.  Right now, it will link you back to my old site, but that will be fixed soon.

I am pleased that you will all be joining me on the Journey to Ithaca!


16 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. hello! well done for making your blog jump. You know when you need to! It’s all looking very smart and feeling quite nautical! I look forward to reading more, Heather x

  2. OK, this is sort of weird, for the first six months I had The Simple Year blog, I used the same Dawn to Dusk theme. With like 2,000 choices, what are the odds? No-really-what are the odds? Anyway, welcome to WordPress, it seems to be pretty easy to manage, change your password frequently.

  3. Fantastic job! It’s not always easy to transition to a new blog but you’ve managed it! Looking forward to continue reading about your adventures…

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