Top Posts of 2012

Well, I changed the date of Christmas for our family, so why not change the date of New Year’s as well?

This is the second New Year’s post that I have done, and I’m definitely in a different place with this blog, and in life, than I was a year ago. In sailing, we’ve not conquered–but escaped from–Thunder Bay, and we saw the bottom side of the Mackinaw Bridge as we made our way to Lake Michigan, our new love. Doing this has helped us to clarify our dreams and long-term plans, as far as sailing is concerned.

We’ve gotten our possessions to nearly the perfect amount, where we can focus on other things in our daily lives. We’re beginning to be more mindful of our spending, and we made it through the holidays without any money worries.

I’ve gained the courage to advocate for my daughter, as she enters kindergarten next year. Gently, but confidently, I am able to ask for the supports that she needs, accepting that she needs them–and that her possibilities are still endless.

And, I made the decision to leave Facebook, which has led to the development of some very strong, lifelong friendships. You’ve all helped, supported, and encouraged me more than you could ever know. I only hope I’ve done the same for you.

These are the top 10 posts of 2012, based on visits.

My Real-Life Minimalist Post, on Miss Minimalist
This post written for Miss Minimalist, so technically it wasn’t a post on this blog, but it’s what brought most of you here.

An Interview With “Fly Lady” Marla Cilley
Last fall, I had the honor of interviewing the Fly Lady herself!

Is Simplicity Simpler? A Test
Anchored out on Thunder Bay last June, we lived in a house with every modern convenience we could want. Did having access to these make our lives simpler?

Control, Worries, and Quieting the Disquiet
“And it’s out here that I see the true futility of worrying. Yes, as prepared as we are, storms can still come up out of nowhere. Equipment can still fail. But if we spent all of our time worrying about that, we would miss the beauty around us. We would miss our reason for being here.”

Natural Selection and Thrift Store Clothing
Minimalist-style retail therapy!

Just the Three of Us!
Celebrating our little family of three.

A Great Off-the-Grid House
Our friends’ tiny house on Beaver Island.

Quiet Journey to Rogers City
After being weathered in a Presque Isle for a week, we made our break, over calm waters.

Sunday Supper: Buddha Bowls
An easy way to eat simply and inexpensively.

Rethinking the Plans
Rough weather led us to leave our anchorage on Thunder Bay a week early.

Well, have a happy new year, everyone, and I think 2013 will have even more great adventures!

3 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2012

    • 🙂

      It was a good year! But if you want a good story, read about our 2011 sailing trip. Taking a shortcut through Misery Bay, was a very bad idea!

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