The Everyday Life of the Countercultural Family

So here we are. We’re off of Moonraker and going about our daily lives. I go to work, teaching high school math. Beanie gets on the bus everyday and heads off to preschool. Rob visits the shops around town, goes into work, and takes Beanie to therapy. We’re immersed in Mainstream culture, while not belonging to it. In fact, we only see minimalist friends in real-life when we get together with our friends from Beaver Island. And that hadn’t happened yet, this “off-season” (but, don’t worry; it will!).

But, what is it like for a minimalist, seasonal live aboard family, going through the daily grind with everyone else? Here are some surprising finds:

–My wardrobe is frequently complemented. Even my friend at work, who caught wind of my blog and lifestyle, complemented my Thursday dress one Thursday. That one, the blue floral, gets praised almost every week. Nobody notices the repetition.

–I quickly become an “expert” on certain matters. Namely boating and navigation, natural living and health, and frugality.

–There are certain subjects I have no clue about. These include movies, (current) music, television shows, and shopping. I smile and nod a lot.

–Beanie has magically learned all about the cartoon characters that all kids know and love. But she has mainly read about them, so they are storybook characters to her. That doesn’t make much of a difference, in her interactions with other kids.

–Rob finds the comments to be annoying. “Stuck baby-sitting?” “Oh look, Daddy did her hair!” (Actually, when her hair is messy, I probably did it. Daddy is much better at that).

–Our lifestyle is unorthodox, but there are lots of common areas. Parenting, stress, balance, etc. are issues we all deal with. My friends are used to the differences in our experiences, such as Rob staying at home, us living on a boat in the summer, etc.

It’s definitely interesting to be different, and it kind of makes everyday a little adventure!

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