Thanksgiving Weekend!

Well, we had a wonderful “off the radar” Thanksgiving weekend. It was low-pressure, and nobody spent a lot of time cooking! We also completely avoided the malls. Our Christmas shopping isn’t completely done yet, but we will be done by December 1, so we will be able to focus on fun, family activities, rather than waiting in lines.

First, we celebrated Black Friday by dropping off a load at Goodwill. (I have to confess, that I did buy something–I got Beanie a plastic boat for 25 cents!). We have one room in our house, that gives us away as the reformed hoarders that we are. It is the clearing house for items that we intend to donate, but it also houses old collections and other items that we have yet to purge. Here are our bags, packed and ready.

Then, we headed up north! It was chilly outside, with a dusting of snow on the ground. Beanie has a video game there, but we used some low-tech toys to lure her away from it.

First, dominos…(Those are bunnies, that she is building).

Then, I made a trip to the store, to buy her some old-school clothespins and balloons. She decided to have Daddy blow up the balloons and attach them to the clothespins. She then used her “balloons on a clothespin” to dance around the room.

Finally, Daddy and Beanie did enjoy some SuperTux Racing.

I hope the opening to your holiday season was equally as fun and relaxing!

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