Sunday Supper: The Chicken Challenge

For a fun, money-saving activity, I like to see how many meals we can get out of one chicken. For example, we will cook it on Monday, and have chicken for dinner. On Tuesday, we will have chicken salad sandwiches. On Wednesday, Chicken fajitas. We’ll make broth with the bones, and that will give us soup for two days.

Are you interested in trying the chicken challenge? If so, here are some links to sites with some ideas.

1 Chicken, 5 Meals from the Nourished Kitchen

1 Chicken 5 Meals for 4 People! from Just a Pinch Recipes

5 Meals You Can Make from One Chicken from Coupon Shoebox

1 Chicken, 17 Healthy Meals, $26 Bucks, No Mayo from Cheap Healthy Food

1 Organic Chicken, 22 Healthy Meals, $49 Bucks by Squawkfox

So, how many meals can you get out of one chicken?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Supper: The Chicken Challenge

  1. I used to do this with my boys, meat didn’t take center stage on the plate and was more of a side dish so it was easy to make it last. Today I don’t eat meat, at least at home. I would like to be completely vegetarian, but rather than put people out when I am at their home I will eat as best as I can from what is available. Enjoy your meals this week.

    • I think it’s kind of scary how much meat people eat. If we all could eat less of it, farmers would be able to use more humane and sustainable practices. We’ll splurge on an organic chicken, but make it last as long as we can.

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