Sunday Supper: Salmon Salad

Surprisingly, we ate little fish during our time at sea! We don’t fish, and we didn’t dare keep fish in our fridge, that we often could not run at night.

But one of my friends is moving, and she gave us a care package, made up of the food left in her fridge. That included one large salmon fillet. And what could be a better light dinner on a summer night, than salmon salad?

I hate it when fish tastes like fish, and this frying method gets rid of the fishy taste. Here’s how you cook the salmon:

1. Melt a LOT of butter. Have at least a quarter inch covering the bottom of the pan.

2. Add the salmon.

3. Add three capfuls of white vinegar.

4. Chop half of a lemon, rind and all, and add it to the pan.

5. Slice a white onion at the thickest part, two times. Separate and add.

6. Add two green pepper slices.

7. Add garlic salt to taste.

8. Add a dash of pepper sauce.

9. Cook until blackened and done!

Now it’s time to make the salad!

1. Chop the rest of the green pepper and half of the onion. Mix them with a cup of other veggies (I used broccoli slaw).

2. Add 6-7 tbsp mayo. Mix well.

3. Add the salmon and 2 boiled eggs. Mix.

4. Season with garlic salt to taste.

5. Add salad greens.


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