Sunday Supper: Mocktails

I love mocktails because they are so fun! They are a great way to enjoy something special, while having zero risk of making a food out of yourself. (Well, maybe not zero risk…but the risk is greatly diminished over what it would be with a real cocktail!). They are fun to make, and their complex flavors help satisfy my need for something that is not sugary sweet.

With mocktails, garnish is very important. Serving them in fancy glasses, with something to make them pretty, distinguishes them further from Kool-Aid or soda.

Here are some of our favorites, from the very simple to the more complex:

Crystal Light Mocktails
I’ve talked about my addiction to these before. We really like the mojito and the margarita. (The appletini is a bit too sweet for our liking). Put some salt around the rim of your class for the margarita, and put a mint leaf in the mojito!

Coke Mixers
These are great at parties, when you want to have something special–but non-alcoholic–to drink. They are also great to have after having a real drink. Add some lime juice to a glass of Coke and garnish with a lime wedge. Or, for a good alternative to Malibu and Coke, add some coconut coffee flavoring syrup to your soda.

Hazelnut Sour
This is a nutty drink that tastes like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Start with a shot of hazelnut coffee flavoring syrup. Add a dash of lime juice and top off with club soda.

Mock Cosmo
Start with two shots of cranberry juice. Squeeze in some lime juice and top with club soda. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Kiwi-Apple Fizz
Slice up a kiwi fruit. Put half of the slices in a glass. Pour in enough apple cider to cover the fruit. Add a squeeze of lime juice. Top with club soda.

Once you get started making mocktails, you might come up with your own creative recipes. Cheers!

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