Sunday Supper: Cheesy Grains and Veggies

Here is a nice versatile recipe! We often make this as an alternative to Mac N Cheese. It’s so simple that it doesn’t really even need a recipe.

1. Choose your grains. We’ve used barley (be careful with barley if you don’t regularly eat it–it doesn’t digest easy and can cause some…um…embarrassing problems! You’ll probably want to soak it overnight, in water and some kind of acid medium, such as vinegar or lemon juice. Then rinse it and you should be good to go), millet, and brown rice. Cook the grains until they are at an edible consistency (to cook grains, you just boil them in water or broth). While the grains are cooking, add some veggies and boil them with the grains. Be sure to boil all the water away, rather than draining.

2. Melt a stick of butter in the grains. Yes, butter. Don’t worry, it’s your friend. It’s much better for you than margarine (aka trans fat sticks) or omega-6 oils.

3. Mix in some garlic salt and pepper. They are, after all, the perfect seasonings!

4. Choose your cheese. Barley likes parmesan. Millet likes colby, Pinconning, or something a bit more “cheesy” flavored. Rice goes well with anything. Muenster is always a favorite of mine, for melting. Break up the cheese and stir, until it melt right in.

5. If this isn’t hearty enough, add an egg or two.

Enjoy your easy dinner!

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