Something We Keep: The Juke Box

It’s given us an excuse to pick up 45’s of our favorite, older songs. And it’s so darned fun to cue up some tunes and dance around the basement!

Yes, our jukebox won’t go with us when we finally do live aboard full time. It wouldn’t even have a place in a tiny house. But, while we’re here, we’re going to enjoy it.

We love dancing, and we love music. When we live in the basement this winter, it will be our entertainment center. We don’t have a large stereo, but we do have the juke box.

Sometimes, you just have to allow yourself something fun.

We found it at an antique store in Bay City.

2 thoughts on “Something We Keep: The Juke Box

  1. Sounds fun. I collect vinyl 33′s. I’ve got a few hundred, but unfortunately I don’t have a good needle on my turntable. Need to get one .

    Dan @

    • Needles aren’t as easy to find, as they once were, but they are definitely worth it. There is still no sound quality as good as a well-maintained 33 on a turntable!

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