Something We Do Without: Multiple Sets of Bedding

For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been sharing some things that we do without. You’ve read about kitchen gadgets, multiple cell phones and data plans, and a purse. Today I’m going to share one more thing that we don’t include in our intentional lifestyle: multiple sets of bedding.

First of all, our house didn’t come with a linen closet. And that has been a blessing. We’ve found absolutely no reason to store multiple sets of sheets for our one bed. They take up extra space, and it really is fine for our bed to lie bare for the two hours it takes to do the laundry!

I also prefer not to use a top sheet, because it makes making the bed easier. Unfortunately, my husband disagrees with me there, so the top sheet stays.

This is a simple change that we’ve made in our home, but it has made life easier. Remember that living intentionally means getting down to the bare minimum, then adding possessions that make your life easier. There is no reason to keep anything, unless it does that.

2 thoughts on “Something We Do Without: Multiple Sets of Bedding

  1. Reducing bedding, towels etc has been one of the easier decluttering exercises I’ve completed. I do resent the amount of space this stuff takes up if you have an excess of it.

    • Oh boy, towels! We only have 5. They get worn-out quickly, but we really don’t mind. We only bring 3 on the boat. It’s fine, as long as we’re not in the middle of a disaster. Yeah…that…

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