Something We Do Without: Multiple Cell Phones and Data Plans

I have touched on the “connected” issue before. You know that, in our house, the phone is the servant and not the master.That we prefer real, face time, to interacting through technology exclusively.

So now, please allow me to elaborate.

We have one cell phone between the two of us. That’s it. We buy a $12 a month prepaid plan, because we don’t even use all of our minutes. We treat it like a land line, and we even keep it on the wall, where the old phone used to be. Sometimes we take it with us, but it is not allowed to interrupt dinner!

Why do we do this? Well, there are a number of reasons. First, people have become very detached from the here-and-now. By not talking on the phone constantly, by not always checking Facebook (which is a whole other post topic, that I will be writing about in the near future) all the time on a Smartphone, by not spending the entire day with ear buds in, we are able to interact with our world. We meet strangers. We people watch. We hear the sounds around us. It’s impossible to live mindfully, if we’re always “plugged in” to distractions.

The next reason for having only one phone is that we don’t want to be on call 24/7. Sometimes we like to be unreachable. We like to spend time with just us. We’ll call people back, but we aren’t going to let the phone interrupt our family time.

And the last reason is the most obvious. Having one phone, with such a small data plan is cheaper. A lot cheaper. One Smartphone, with a good data plan (which we had, back when we used our cell phone as our internet provider) is $120 a month. An additional one would be slightly less than that, but we could easily be paying $200 a month for both of us to have one. I don’t know how larger families are able to afford Smartphones for everyone! By having one phone, with the smallest data plan possible, we’re saving an incredible amount of money.

5 thoughts on “Something We Do Without: Multiple Cell Phones and Data Plans

  1. We have eliminated cable television ( distraction ) from our lives, but digital distraction still persists. Full cell phone plan,multiple phones, and I definitely spend too much time on the internet. It is something I am working on though. The lack of television has definitely made my life better. I hope to reduce my online time as well.

    Dan @

    • Digital devices are such a double-edged sword. Eliminating FB has done a lot of decrease my online time. It took us some time to get where we are with the phone, not having portable Internet access. Just keep taking baby steps, and you’ll get there!

  2. We’re totally with ya’ on the whole not-using-smart-phones-or-data-plans thing. We are grandfathered into a cheap contract for two bricks– the most basic cell phones without cameras. Sure, we don’t get to share what our dinner looks like via Instagram every night… but we’re just fine, thank you, keeping some aspects of our lives off the www.

    • It always cracks me up when people share pictures of the food they eat, on FB! When people ask me why I left, that’s always the first thing I make fun of. I think it’s pretty easy to feel like your life is some kind of reality show, and it’s refreshing to be away from all of that.

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