Some New Additions

I’m always looking for new blogs to follow, and new, interesing people to meet, new people to bring into what I jokingly term our “exclusive clique.” (You see, it’s a joke because we’re not exclusive in the least, but I pretend that we’re the cool kids).

Anyway, if you like sharing ideas with People Who Don’t Have a Lot of Stuff (or, if you prefer, PWD HALOS), here are some more blogs that I think you will enjoy. I followed these for awhile, using the same criteria that I used for the rest of my blogroll.

Be More With Less
If you haven’t read Courtney Carver’s writing yet, then you absolutely need to! This is a larger blog, but has a very strong community. Courtney’s message is overwhelmingly positive, and the discussions are lengthy and intellectual. Courtney is never too busy to join in the discussion or correspond with her readers.

Born Again Minimalist
Caitlin has a refreshingly idealistic approach to life, and her posts will definitely make you think. She inspires a great deal of discussion, and is not afraid to touch on touchy issues, without ever coming across as judgmental.

My Little Red Suitcase
This is just a delightful, very slice-of-life blog that will make you smile. Heather has a very charming personality, that always shows through in her sweetly honest writing.

Smallish Blog
Crunchy homemaking and minimalism often go hand-in-hand, and both are themes in Evelyn’s blog. Her tone is always upbeat and light-hearted, as she shares ideas for living a rich life in a tiny space.

So there is some good reading for you to do, on these cold, snowy days (at least it’s cold and snowy for those of us who live in cooler climates!). I will continue stalking other blogs, looking for more people with great ideas and big hearts. So, by all means, share any recommendations that you have!

6 thoughts on “Some New Additions

  1. Hi Bethany, I have enjoyed my first reads over at Evelyn’s and Caitlin’s blogs. I’m a huge fan of Be More With Less and have been following Heather for some time now. Great choices! Happy New Year xo

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