Some Good Laughs for Your Day

Good morning! (Or afternoon, or evening!) Today, I thought a little bit of humor would make this winter day a little brighter.

We minimalists tend to get very serious. I know that, on many occasions, I realize that I have gotten VERY heavy (in my writing, folks!) and need to lighten things up a bit. And the dark winter seems to bring about more need for the very silly.


Unwelcome Houseguest Get the Shovel
When you’re living in Paraguay with the Peace Corps, anything can happen…

No Big Deal!
Rachel is a big proponent of my favorite parenting philosophy, CTFO (“Chill the F Out”) parenting!

It’s Just Hair–Right?
If you want something lighthearted, Sandra is your source.

A Reason for Two Bathrooms, Just for One Morning
Having kids just requires that you have a sense of humor!

When Two Boys Share a Room, Naps Elude
Parenting always provides lots of humorous material.

Unapologetically Cheap
I’m not the only one who has tightwad pride!

Little Miss Muffet’s First Name and Other Stuff I Didn’t Know Before
Gigi learns a lot of funny lessons in her travels. Enjoy!

Mr. Carrot
Get ready to shield your eyes!

Stories for the Twitter Generation
We did this last year, when I taught sixth grade English.

Weather Tricks and Real Tricks
Remember hurricane Sandy? Cindy and the crew of the Magestic make fun of the hysteria, while they ride the storm out.

Sometimes you have to do something ridiculous.

Hope that brightens your day a little. Feel free to share any other minimalist humor!

One thought on “Some Good Laughs for Your Day

  1. We do need a laugh on a regular basis, having just said goodbye to my overnight house guest (my ex), I just had to check out the unwelcome house guest. I love snakes, but that one didn’t look too house friendly, I’d rather mine stayed outdoors. Loved the carrot, that’s too funny and we would have had a field day of jokes if we had found that one. Thanks for mentioning my post as well, hope others enjoy a laugh at my son’s expense.

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