Saturday Simple Playtime: Low-tech Activities for Your Family

With the holiday season upon us, we might find ourselves doing more that’s outside of our usual routine. We’ll be taking road trips, visiting family, and our kids will be home from school. All this can lead to some very antsy little ones, and it can be tempting to pull out that iPad (which does have its place, especially on long car trips) or pop in a DVD. However, when you’re not in the car, why not treat the little ones to some low-tech playtime?

Here are some ideas, from previous Saturday Simple Playtime posts, to get you started:

–Get up and dance! Here are some great songs, to help you find your groove.

–Use your time off to put together some book bags. These could provide great in-the-car or away-from-home entertainment.

–Do a family activity that you will all enjoy.

–Be sure to make dinner fun, and involve your little one!

–Household items can become fun, engaging toys as well. These were Beanie’s favorites, on Moonraker.

This is the the one electronic toy that has gotten years of usage in our house.

–If you get desperate, a guilty trip to this place might be in order…

–If it’s cold where you live, bring your little one’s ball inside for some fun activities!

–It may be time for a rousing game of cotton ball toss.

–Celebrate the season by making a cookie house!

–Perhaps playing a board game will keep everyone from being bored.

Animal Musical Chairs is another favorite of Beanie’s.

–“Button, Button, Where’s the Button?” is an easy, portable game for preschoolers.

–You’ll most likely be doing a lot of cooking. Here are some ways to involve your little one in the process.

–Since you’ve brought the ball inside, why not try some Bottle Bowling?

–At the end of the day, have some fun in the bath.

–This may be the time to start a weekly Family Fun Day.

–Take lots of pictures at all the parties, and put together a Family Scrapbook Page.

–When the kids go to sleep, Santa and his elves can make their gift this year. How about a play house or restored vintage pedal car?

–Don’t forget to sing in the car!

–Go to the library and check out some new books! Here are some of our favorites.

Bubble Mountain is a great, no-fail calming game.

–Take a family outing, into the community.

–Enjoy some educational playtime together here are a lot of ideas.

Here are some ideas, to keep your kid occupied on their own, while you prepare for the holiday festivities.

This time of the year is a great time to bond with our little pals. Make it a holiday season they will always remember!

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