Saturday Simple Playtime: Household Items

We brought a lot of toys on Moonraker.

There were the Legos, the dollhouse, the crocodile game, the coloring books, the chalkboard/box, the colorforms, the paper dolls, the books, the bubbles, and all the other small toys stashed away in the cupboard, for when Beanie got bored.

And get bored she did. By the end of June, she was tired of playing with all of those toys. We needed something different.

In Frankfort, they have a low-priced variety store, with lots of small, cheap toys. I mentioned to Rob that I thought we should pick something up for Beanie, for our next run.

“You know what you should get?” he said. “Get some clothespins and yarn. She needs some open-ended, creative toys.”

Worth a try. I grabbed a bag of clothespins, some multi-colored yarn, and two foil muffin tins. Beanie quickly destroyed the muffin tins, but the clothespins provided her with endless entertainment. She colored them, turning them into alligators. She made them talk to her dolls. She strung them up on yarn, all over the boat. These provided way more entertainment than the iPad and all of her other toys.

I have been intrigued by this toy kitchen, and would love to put something like that together for Beanie to use in the cockpit. In the meantime, I started saving wine corks. Aldi has a “Winking Owl” wine, which puts owls on the corks. Beanie loves these. She will have them be owls and act out their little dramas. Or she will use them to build a sand castle for her dolls. Her little jar of corks has kept her quite busy.

Remember, sometimes the best toys are not the most expensive!

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