Saturday Simple Playtime: 5 Family Activities That You’ll Enjoy Too

Sometimes you don’t have to choose between doing an activity that your little one will like, or choosing an activity that you will enjoy. Here are 5 activities that will make everyone happy!

1. Go on a hike. The kids will love exploring the woods and having a chance to run around, and the adults can take in the scenery and get some exercise in the process. Be sure to bring a picnic lunch!

2. Grab the Burley trailer (if you don’t have one, you really need one) and head to a bike trail. The kids will have fun playing in the trailer and enjoying the ride, and, again you get some exercise and scenery.

3. Play miniature golf. The adults can have a little friendly competition, and the kids can just have fun.

4. After playing golf, head to the go-carts (if the kids are tall enough). Who wouldn’t have fun with that?

5. It’s fall, so find yourselves a corn maze. You’ll all have fun getting lost together.

What activities do you enjoy doing as a family?

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