One Grocery Shopping Rule You Should Break

We’re trying to be frugal. There are things we want to buy for the boat and house, and we want to pay down the mortgage. We’re still living paycheck to paycheck, and something has to give.

We’ve restarted Fly Lady’s “fly sense” and we’re baby-stepping our way along.

The biggest money-saver has been grocery shopping. I did well with this in the past, as I made a meal plan, based on the way we ate on the boat last summer.

Now I’m throwing a wrench into it. I’m no longer making a list.

I’ve started planning my meals around “manager’s specials” at Kroger. I have some different recipe options in mind, as I walk through the store, and I plan for two meatless dinners. Breakfast is eggs, oatmeal, or French toast. Lunch is sandwiches. Shopping this way, we spend about $50 a week on food.

This is what we bought this week:

Two packs of beef patties $8
Organic chicken thighs $5
Bacon $3
Three bags of salad greens $3.60
Broccoli Slaw $1.30
Green pepper .50
Onion $1
Three loaves of bread $3
Bologna $3
Salami $3
Three packs of cheese slices $6
Two cartons of free range eggs $4
Apple slices $1.30
Crystal Light $2
Stir fry sauce $3.60

The verdict: $48.30! Granted, we had some food on hand, so it can be a bit more. But still, that’s quite low.

I’ll have to admit that we’re not being crunchy. But, right now, not being broke is the best thing for our health. I’m starting with the way we ate on the boat, then each week I’ll tweak it to make it healthier, without being more expensive. Next week I might buy a chicken instead of lunch meat, or maybe have Buddha Bowls some of the days.

What shopping rules do you break?

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