OK, You NEED One of These!

I’m not big on kitchen must-have’s. I’m not big on any kind of must-have’s. I’m not sure that we must have anything.

But, you seriously must have a pressure cooker.

We weren’t even sure of what these devices were, or what they did, when some minimalist/live aboard friends of ours suggested that we get one ASAP. They kept their food in theirs, in lieu of a fridge, and just brought it up to pressure before they ate the food. They also insisted it used way less fuel than cooking in an open pan, and cooked things much more quickly.

We were intrigued.

Some Googling told us that, if we got one, we could bake bread and cake, as well as cook beans and rice in a reasonable amount of time. We could even brown beef and cook pasta.

Moonraker (and our basement) needed one of these.

Some e-bay hunting led us to a vintage Presto, which took forever to heat up, but worked well. Then, we found the Miu. It was the “France” model. Notice the quotes. It is actually made in China, and is a copy of a Fagor. It is lower pressure than a Fagor–12 psi instead of 15. But it heats up quickly, and fits many of the accessories made for a Fagor.

Someday we’ll probably upgrade, but here are some of the yummies we’ve made already:

–Veggie Roll

–Bean soup

–Sushi rice

–Ground beef and beans for taco salad

–Penne casserole

–Mac and Cheese

…And we’re beginners who have barely been using ours for a week.

I tell you, this is one kitchen accessory that you really must have!

4 thoughts on “OK, You NEED One of These!

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