October’s Adventure: Fall Camping!

You haven’t heard from me in a couple days, because I was off the grid.

We have a standing micro-adventure for this time of the year, camping in Traverse City. This area is absolutely gorgeous in the fall, and there is plenty to do, both indoors and out.

Traverse City State Park isn’t exactly your back-to-nature camping experience, and we fell in love with it for just that reason. We already live in the middle of the woods, and we were seeking something different from our usual day-to-day. We love the view of the bay, the bike trail into town, the shopping downtown, and the beautiful drive up 22, through Sutton’s Bay, Northport and Leland.

This year, though, we had a surprise. Our stay coincided with the State Park’s Harvest Festival. It was hopping with kids for Beanie to play with, and there were events going on for the little ones the entire time. We rushed out to the Salvation Army store to grab a costume, and Beanie joined in the fun!

With some friends in the campsite next to ours

Face painting time!

Time to carve the pumpkin!


The State Park has a footbridge over the highway, and the kids got to parade over it and wave to the passing cars. Of course, they couldn't begin until everyone was there...and Beanie does not like waiting.

Still waiting...

And it's go time!

Beanie got mad at me on the other side, because she wanted to go swimming...

On our way back over.

Beanie did get a bit sugared-up and overstimulated, but some Tums and deep pressure helped her fall asleep. She loved the decorations and got very excited about the haunted house.

And, don’t worry, Rob and I had a great time as well!

Rob attracted a lot of attention with his tall bike.

We took a beautiful bike ride along the East Arm of the bay.

The hardest part about these excursions to our favorite port towns is leaving. I’m anxiously awaiting next month’s adventure, which will have to take us near Grand Haven, so we can throw a tarp over the boat. I will have to see what adventure possibilities await us there…

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