Notes From Our Adventures

This is not January’s “official” micro-adventure, but it was an interesting (albeit slightly nerve-wracking!) break from routine.

Last weekend, we bought a station wagon. It’s a 1992 Volvo 240, in black, in pretty decent shape for its age. It has lots of room, for hauling, it can tow, and we are buying a third-row seat, so Beanie can have a little play area in the back (or we can haul all of our friends around!).

There’s just one problem. The engine doesn’t run.

There is a communal towing dolly that we share with our parents, but there is no way any of our cars could tow something so huge. So we borrowed my parents’ Saturn Vue, and they baby-sat Jelly Bean for the day. We bought some magnetic towing lights and began the 2-hour drive to Ann Arbor.

3 miles into it, the lights fell off the trailer. They were a mess, but fixable.

The drive was beautiful, until we got to the boredom of I75. We found the car and managed to push it onto the dolly. A stop at a gas station got us some tape for the lights, and we were in business.

We took the scenic route back, because we wanted to avoid freeways. There were gorgeous small towns, beautiful forests, and picturesque farms. Our GPS had us turn down a quaint, pretty, unpaved farm road.

You can imagine what this beautiful ride would be like, towing a heavy, awkward station wagon.

We were happy when we were able to come to a stop at every light. The car jumped all over the place on the dirt road, and the wires going to the lights severed, leading to another gas station stop. Rob was able to strip the wires with a pair of nail clippers (bought from the gas station) and tape them back together. Everytime we accelerated from a stop, there would be this sickening clunk.

Then, we were treated to a beautiful sunset, over the farm fields.

Shoot. We weren’t going to make it back in daylight. We were towing this crazy thing in the dark.

The good news is that we got to listen to “A Prairie Home Companion” on the way home, which reminded us of our real micro-adventure for this month—we’re going to see the show live, in Madison, WI, next weekend. And our trip will involve absolutely NO driving.

We had originally planned to eat at a greasy spoon or other “American” restaurant, where you could get plenty of low-carb goodness. But we were so ready to get back home and relax. So we grabbed some chicken tenders from a grocery store. The deli was closing, so the girl who was working microwaved them for us—in their plastic container! We were hungry, so we ignored that, as well as their rubbery texture.

At last, by 8:30, we arrived at Rob’s dad’s house, where we will keep the car while we are fixing it. (Rob’s dad is living in Florida for the winter, enjoying the houseboat/marina lifestyle. But he still knows what we are up to!). We picked up Beanie, who was exhausted after a serious day of playing, and we all were in bed by 10:00.

***I am staying on Rob’s dad’s house this weekend, and we forgot the camera cable. When we get home, later today, I will have some pictures for you.***

*******Another Note********
My friend, Sandy, has just started a blog, Streamlined Living. Check it out! Sandy is a longtime member of the community here, and at Miss Minimalist, and I know, from corresponding with her, that she is an excellent writer with some great ideas!

6 thoughts on “Notes From Our Adventures

  1. Glad you made it back alive. Sometimes those rough adventures provide good memories after the fact, even if they weren’t very fun at the time.

    Dan @

  2. You gotta love those old unpaved roads. Not sure if I would have towed on some of the ones we have around here, and they sound an awful lot like what you encountered. Now do you have an engine for your “new” car? I’m sure hubby will enjoy something to work on.

    • He’ll probably just have to order a piston for the we one. Rob went through mechanics’ training, only to realize that he hates working on cars! But it is useful at home…

  3. Thanks for mentioning the new blog, Bethany! I’ve got two posts up. Woohoo!

    Sounds like y’all had quite the adventure. Those kinds of experiences always make the best stories!

    • Yay! I’m bummed that I didn’t get to write your FIRST comment ever…but they (pointing to the two previous commentors) are both pretty awesome people, so I suppose I’ll allow it!

      Anyway, welcome to the exclusive clique! (You know, it’s a joke because we’re neither exclusive nor a clique…)

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