Minimalism Success: Food

So how does one eat minimalistically?

Well, let’s take a look at the ideas behind minimalism. Minimalism:
–Seeks to avoid commericial products and large corporations
–Seek to operate in a sustainable fashion
–Focuses on keeping things simple and easy (requiring you to make fewer decisions), unless you deliberately want it to be a big deal
–Seeks to make the most out of limited resources (specifically, time and money)
–Seeks to live mindfully, avoiding multi-tasking

With that in mind, this is how we eat minimalistically:
–We cook from scratch whenever possible, and practical.
–We eat at home most nights.
–We buy organic, when feasible.
–We keep our meals very simple, most of the time. We will have the same thing for breakfast and lunch most of the time. Our dinners are also simple, often vegetarian, with the protein and vegetables all in one dish.
–When we choose, we do go fancy. We will buy Sushi and sit down and enjoy it. On Fridays, we buy the fried fish from the corner store and make a night of it. On Friday mornings, Rob and Beanie go out for breakfast together, and take the time to eat.
–We eat at the table, without doing anything else at the same time.

When you eat minimalistically, you not only enjoy your meals more, but you also eat less, because you are not multi-tasking (and because real food is much more flavorful!). Special occasions are all the more special, because you aren’t eating a feast everyday.

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