Minimalism Success: Couple Time

Minimalism is about more than having less stuff. It’s about living intentionally and getting rid of all the excess clutter–that includes things that clutter up your time.

In order to do this, we have had to set some priorities. One of these priorities is couple time. Yes, I’m a teacher. And mother. And a blogger. Rob is a stay-at-home dad. And a camera repairman. And a tinkerer.

But we are also a husband and wife.

When we first became parents, we struggled with fitting in time with each other. Beanie would scream when we left her with a sitter–even Grandma and Grandpa! Her reflux and nighttime nursing created some strange sleep patterns. We found ourselves watching movies together while Beanie didn’t sleep, or sneaking in a snuggle during naptime.

But, as she got older and weaned, we found it necessary to have a bedtime routine. One that resulted in her going to bed before we did!

Jelly Bean gets lots of attention after I get home, and we make dinner together. Then, at 8:00, it’s bathtime, followed by story, followed by lullaby, followed by bed. Usually, by 9:00, we get time together.

The important thing about this time is what we don’t do. We don’t watch television, mindlessly. We don’t surf the Internet. I don’t write my blog posts. I don’t grade papers.

We might take a walk outside (staying near the house). We might have a campfire. We watch a movie. We play Pokemon (our new favorite nerdy-pleasure. Try it, it’s fun!). We play pool or race slot cars. It’s important that we have this hour or two to reconnect every night.

In the morning, as well, we enjoy coffee together. I try to be ready 15-30 minutes before it’s time to leave, so that we can sit down and chat. Beanie doesn’t wake up until 8-9:00, so this is couple time as well.

So, my advice to you is, plan your time. Budget it like money. Look at the “clutter” in life that is sapping away your time, and make time for the things that are important.

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