Minimalism Struggle: The Moped Garage

All right, I am going to start by confessing our biggest struggle. This is the reason that a relative told us we “suck as minimalists.” (It was said in fun, not to be mean…) Our house is pretty zen, especially in the main rooms. Clutter is under control, and it’s staying that way. But then you walk out to the back yard…

So it looks fine. Everything is contained under this portable structure. Just, please, don’t. open. the. door.

Ahhhh! Don’t say you weren’t warned. So how did this craziness come to be?

It started the way most out-of-control collections start. Rob got interested in mopeds. He found the website Moped Army and found a bike to fix up. He fixed up another for my graduation present, and we had fun riding around the neighborhood. Then, we began finding good deals on fixer-upper bikes and, since he is a tinkerer, he began fixing them up. New finds were exciting, and we had fun road trips, in search of the next treasure.

And, after years of this, we ended up with a rather out-of-control collection. It is beneficial to have multiple bikes, at least in our current situation, because they are useful for different things. Some are better suited for using as a daily driver while cruising, and some are better suited for achieving higher speeds at rallies. But, we don’t use all of them. And we find ourselves running out of money for keeping all of them up. Keeping track of the paperwork for all of these bikes is also difficult and a bit stressful. While we’re living in this house having 3-5 would be ideal. If we ever find ourselves living aboard full time, 1 would be plenty.

So, how to pare down? Very slowly. These bike are a labor of love, so Rob is getting them, one at a time, back into good working order. Then, it’s time to sell them. We can sell them on Craig’s List, or at a moped rally. Gradually–hopefully within the next year–we’ll get our collection down to a manageable size.

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