Minimalism Struggle: Adventure Equipment

We own a lot of gear.

I’m not sure how much, actually. But, as far as I can figure:

–2 backpacks
–2-3 pie irons
–1-2 tents (I’m not sure!)
–At least 2 camp stoves (1 actually works!)
–2 sleeping bags
–A pop-up camper
–2 canoes

So what to do with it? First, we have to congratulate ourselves, because we sold the motor home. We thought we needed such a vehicle for our Christmas gatherings, but those have been pared down. We think the pop-up camper will meet our adventuring needs, but we won’t know for sure until we try it in colder weather. We do almost all of our camping in the spring and fall, since we are on Moonraker all summer.

Now, the backpacking stuff…We need to see if any of our micro-adventures take us on the trail. We have wanted to hike Lake of the Clouds. If do end up going hiking within the next year, we’ll keep the gear. Otherwise, it’s gone.

We enjoy canoing. But do we really need two? Probably not. We’ll have to find a new home for one of them.

As far as the camp stoves are concerned, we really don’t need any of them, unless we still have our single-burner stove, for hiking. Moonraker and the camper have stoves.

And, with the tents, we’ll keep one, and see if we use it hiking.

So, this struggle isn’t as daunting as the moped garage! Perhaps we don’t suck so much as minimalists after all…

One thought on “Minimalism Struggle: Adventure Equipment

  1. I can relate. This is something I have wrestled with. I have two tents (one large and one small), a couple of backpacks, lots of foul weather gear – and I do use it quite regularly (but not as much as I’d like). I have a box devoted to such adventure gear – it include maps and other paraphernalia. I thought about getting rid of it, but as I do use it a lot and enjoy outdoor adventure I decided to keep it.

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