Micro Adventures: How We Will be Getting Our “Fix”

After I wrote about adapting to life back on shore, fellow blogger Tony from Writing From Afar recommended that I read up on Alistair Humphreys and his concept of Micro-Adventurea. I looked him up, and I’m glad I did!

Basically, his point is that you can have fun adventures over a short period of time, such as a weekend. He suggests lots of mini-expeditions in Britain (which only made me want to sail over there and try them out! But that wouldn’t exactly be a micro-adventure…), so those of you who live on the other side of the Atlantic will want to have a look.

We’re going to have some micro-adventures of our own.

We’re aiming for one adults-only adventure per month, and possibly more with Beanie in tow. A lot of our adventures could be done with kids, but we’re going to enjoy some weekends-away without the little one (that is important for having a good marriage, I think, once the kid is old enough to spend a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa).

We recommend that you get out and do some adventuring of your own. You can try our ideas, or try your own (and post about them in the comments section!). Micro-adventures are a great way to get started with a life off of the beaten path.

So, here are some ideas we have:

–Do the “floating B+B” on the SS Badger ($79 per person, for one night).

–Spend a weekend on the CIty of Milwaukee, exploring what will hopefully become our home port next summer ($40 a night).

–Stay on the schooner Manitou and enjoy Grand Traverse when the Cherry Festival is not in progress.

–We want to save up for a weekend on Middle Island, where we will stay in the keeper’s house and have the whole island to ourselves! ($279 for the first night; $119 for the second)

–In the winter, the Blaney Park Lodge up in Germfask would be a lot of fun. It’s an old boarding house, converted into a B+B ($39-$70, depending on how fancy of a room you want).

Sea Suites floating B+B in Saugatuck. I don’t know if we dare go to Saugatuck on land, before we sail there (it’s our next port, as well as the home port listed on Moonraker’s stern!). But if we do, this looks like a lot of fun.

–Beyond that, there are state park cabins, and lots of free campgrounds that we could check out.

So, let’s all get out and try some new, small adventures!

2 thoughts on “Micro Adventures: How We Will be Getting Our “Fix”

  1. Middle Island sounds wonderful – I’d go for that. I’ve always had a fascination for lighthouses and islands… (I’m guessing the keeper’s house is a lighthouse??)

    • The keeper’s house is the house right next to the lighthouse. Sometimes it’s connected (the keeper’s house on Middle Island isn’t). Middle Island is especially interesting for us, because we were near it (as far as we can tell–there was so much fog that we couldn’t see land) when our boat started taking on water two summers ago.

      If your adventuring ever takes you to the States, you’ll have to explore the Lakes. We’ve got lots of lighthouses and islands!

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