Merry Christmas (and the Best Gift Ever)

Before I begin, I think I really need to address the recent tragedy, here in the States. My prayers are definitely with the families of the victims of the shooting in Connecticut. I’ve not written a post about it, deliberately, because I think any effort to make it about us–about me–would be disrespectful. Yes, I am certain we can expect to see policy changes and political debates as a result of this, but now is not the time for those discussions. Right now, we just need to keep those families in our thoughts and prayers. It was a senseless tragedy–a horrific, random act.

Tonight, we’re getting ready for Christmas. Usually, we buy our tree on Christmas Eve, but we thought we would procrastinate less this year. So, off to Quick Stop–the only place in town that sells trees–we headed, hoping to spend a few bucks on a Scotch pine. Unfortunately, the other tightwads beat us to it, so we ended up getting a fir. It is by far the nicest Christmas tree we’ve ever had, and it might even keep its needles until the New Year!

Beanie was charged with decorating it. Notice the “Christmas bunny” underneath it. He is an Easter toy, that somehow got mixed up in the laundry basket that holds our Christmas decorations.

After the decorating was done, we turned off the lights, so we could enjoy the lights on the tree. We have glasses that make words, such as “Noel” appear around the lights. Beanie had a great time with these!

She was also VERY happy to see her Nativity set again. It might be time to get her a book about the Christmas story.

We went to our first Christmas party yesterday, with my dad’s side of the family. Beanie had a lot of cousins to play with, which made her very happy. And my cousin had the honor of giving the Bean her first Barbie doll (don’t worry, it’s not an actual Barbie brand doll!). Barbie has now been traveling around the basement, mainly playing on the pool table. Beanie’s a happy kid.

Rob and I got what will probably be the best Christmas gift we’ve been given–ever. Check this out:

Yes, my grandma and aunt printed off all of my blog posts from our time on Moonraker, from the summers of 2011 and 2012, and bound them. We now have a hard copy of our adventures, for share and enjoy!

(Yes that was the post from the first day of our 2011 adventure. Thank you, Grandma and Auntie Annie!

And I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday preparations. This is looking to be the best Christmas ever.

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas (and the Best Gift Ever)

  1. It looks like you’ve started to have a great Christmas already. Aren’t the best presents the inexpensive ones – the effort and care put in to binding your blog posts to make a bbok, the excitement of children over little things? Have a great lead up to Christmas, Bethany xo

    • Christmas is fun, because it always surprises me which relatives have been following our adventures all year. (Hint: I see you guys there, watching! LOL ).

  2. Looks like a wonderful time. The pics are heart warming. I do miss having small children at home for Christmas.Thank you very much for sharing.

    Dan @

    • Oh, Beanie is perfect. She sits there, looking at the lights, mesmorized, like a kid in a commercial. Except that she isn’t so much focused on getting stuff! It’s magical for her, for different and more meaningful reasons than for other kids.

    • And Rob thought we should have put her in a fancy dress, instead of the engineer suit. But I thought Beanie should look like Beanie, and she’s cute on her own accord. Guess I won!

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