Labor Day Weekend Antics

All right, so Labor Day wasn’t as exciting this year as it was last year (here and here and here are the posts from the adventures we had then!). However, we did have some fun playing around.

First, meet Mockingjay! She’s a zippy little catamaran (similar to a Hobie, but the brand is Pleasure Craft) that we bought from our friends (actually, the same friends who visited us in Tawas last year…sadly, they have had to move out of state…). I was determined to learn to single hand over the weekend, and it was surprisingly easy on this boat. Am I ready to try it on Moonraker? We’ll see how brave I’m feeling in the spring!

Can you tell where we are? That’s right–Thunder Bay is much more navigable in a boat the doesn’t draw much! We did hit rocks a few times, but this boat could handle it.

When we returned home, Rob welded together two bike frames to make a “tall bike.”

Unfortunately, one of the welds came apart, causing the bike to lose steering and crash (which caused issues with the other welds). Rob is busy researching welding techniques, so that he can repair it and make it a bit safer next time.

I hope you had a great weekend as well!

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