Home Sweet Basement

Well, we’re moved in! Our basement is our new home. The furnace has not run since we’ve been living down here, although our new space heater cycles on and off. Hopefully our next gas and electric bills will reflect positively on our new lifestyle! Here are some pictures.

Uh-oh, Beanie got ahold of an energy drink…

Our new space heater. It’s much more efficient than the furnace, and the blower doesn’t use as much electricity.

Beanie’s sleeping bag, inside her playhouse. We’ve ordered a Japanese fouton for her, to use underneath it.

Beanie’s play area. She loves it!

Our kitchen/laundry room/closet. Yes, that is all of our clothing for the winter!

Last week, when Beanie was sick, she watched “Sailor Moon,” projected on the wall.

Enjoying some iPad time. We sleep on the Fouton at night, and store the bedding underneath it during the day.

Rob’s computer room, under the stairway. He calls it his “poverty station,” and it reminds me of Harry Potter.

So that is our home this winter. The main floor stays warm enough for us to use the stove and bathroom (we use an electric heater when we shower). I am already enjoying the reduced housework load!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Basement

  1. We’re living on the first floor of our home this winter as well. I sleep on the couch and my wife pulls a mattress out each night. We only go upstairs for clothing. Saves on energy, my wife likes sleeping near the pups, and it has a more cozy feel All in all we’re living in about 600 square ft. That means that the other 600 square ft is wasted space. I think we’ll down-size to a smaller home in years to come.

    Dan @ ZenPresence.com

    • Our basement is around that size, and it seems so huge compared to the boat! LOL I hear you on the wasted space. I wish we had realized (when we were house shopping) that we’d be so much happier with less!

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