Happy Crab Day!

The problem with holidays, is the pre-packed picture of what they should look like. They are supposed to be these magazine-perfect days, set up to follow a script straight out of Hollywood.

Well, guess what. We’re not in Hollywood. We’re not actors. We’re real people.

And this is real life.

There is absolutely no reason to fill our calendars with “joyous” occasions that are nothing but buckets of pressure and stress. There is no reason to be perfectionists in trying to orchestrate something that can never be good enough.

So, instead, do what we’re doing. We don’t like the book, so we’re rewriting it. We’re doing it our way.

We’re making it fun. And silly. Because life is so darned serious and heavy all the time. Having a fun day with your family is actually not a matter of life-and-death. It’s time to loosen up.

So, we began with Sweetest Day. Now, there’s a Hallmark holiday, if there ever was one! On a radio commercial, we heard someone jokingly refer to it as Swedish Day. So we decided to honor Rob’s heritage! The only requirement for celebrating Swedish Day is to drive the Volvo or Saab on an adventure.

All right. Up next was Christmas. Remember, I have to work, right up to the day before Christmas eve. So I didn’t feel like scurrying around, trying to get everything ready by the 25th. So we decided that the 25th is xmas. Christmas, on the other hand, is on the 27th in our house. Come on, Santa can’t possibly make it around the world in ONE night!

And now, the newest holiday that needed fixing was Valentine’s day. Candy hearts and the like have never been our idea of romance. And I certainly don’t need another ring or necklace–I have one of each, thank you very much! You’ve read my commentary on love, but that doesn’t answer the question of what to do about Valentine’s day.

What to do, what to do?

We have decided that, in our house, we celebrate Crab Day on February 14. We will eat fake crab and crabcakes, we’ll e-mail each other crab emoticons, we will draw paper crabs, Beanie will act crabby…

So, if you, too, are sick of Valentine’s day, celebrate with us. Happy Crab Day, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Happy Crab Day!

  1. I get it now Hope you had a great crab day! I too hate all the expectations that go along with the holidays. Valentine’s day everything should be red, heart shaped, and chocolate. You must buy roses for the females, and dinner out is mandatory. Not in my book. Soon up we will have those lovely holidays like President’s day that the only purpose is to shop for yourself, gorge yourself on sales. I would love for one holiday to be about nothing, the closest I could come would be 4th of July. While a BBQ or group gathering is common it’s up to you how you decide to celebrate.

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