Happy (belated) Fat Tuesday!

In the middle of a rather stressful week (OK, just the second day of it…), I noticed that the shelves at the grocery store were lined with paczkis. I guess you can’t get them everywhere, but paczkis are extra sugary, extra fatty jelly doughnuts. And it is everyone’s religious duty to eat them on fat Tuesday.

Well, I’m a sinner this year. I’m doing much better at not failing at this diet (I’m eating well, although I haven’t lost a single pound!). I thought that indulging in this doughnutty-goodness would be the start of a slippery slope. So I abstained.

However, the fact that Lent has already begun makes me happy. Not because I’m giving anything up (heck, I’m already on a diet!). But because it means the countdown to Easter has begun. And Easter means spring break. Which is when we plan to do the work on Moonraker. Which will launch less than 2 months after that.

So, paczkis are a divine sign, that the time of Moonraker is near. A little ray of hope, during the February dreariness.

5 thoughts on “Happy (belated) Fat Tuesday!

  1. I have a lot of things I do enjoy, starting with chocolate, but donut and pastry items have never been my downfall. Congrats on your restraint. How long til you launch Moonraker this year?

  2. Oh dear…it has been a stressful week. Fat Tuesday (we go by Pancake Tuesday) is NEXT WEEK. I’m doing something for Lent that I’m blogging about and you had me all worried, I hadn’t started. So you will have to resist the sinful donuts yet again!

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