Getting Off the Grid: Rethinking Our Priorities

Yeah, getting off the grid, completely, was a noble ambition. But now we have some other noble ambitions.

Basically, it has occurred to us that we may be trying to sell our house in the not-so-far future. And that buyers might not appreciate such an “alternative” dwelling.

We wanted to install a woodstove, but it probably would not pay for itself. Instead, we’re going to focus on cutting down our energy usage, so that we can save money for our dock fees, and anything else that might come up as a result of our new “plan.”

We’ve moved down to the basement for the duration of the winter. This alone makes the furnace run much less. Enough heat still comes up through the floor, so that our pipes won’t freeze, and we can still use our bathroom, shower and stove. Cooking in the cold is nothing new to us, as we grill year round!

We love our cozy basement, and it has given us much more chance to have fun together!

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