Fall Fun!

Happy fall, everyone! Beanie has had some fun adventures that we would like to share with you.

First, her and Daddy went on a field trip to the Wild Pumpkin.

Beanie and her BFF (or at least one of them!)

The goats were her favorite!

She was dressed appropriately for this!

And then, we did Trunk-or-Treat at Children’s Therapy Corner. Beanie was able to take her time and look at all the decorations. She had a great time amongst people who knew her and loved her for who she is!

This time she was a true sailor!

Giving Louie Loon a funny look...

Beanie's PT was a ballerina pig!

Grandma and Grandpa were there, of course!

Then she hitched a ride back to the car with Tigger.

We’ve had our Halloween! Which is a good thing, because the hurricane weather is supposed to hit tomorrow. Lake Michigan is predicted to have 30 foot waves and a great deal of wind. I made sure that Moonraker’s insurance policy is up to date! We’re thinking of our readers on the East Coast of the US. Enjoy your adventure, but–for Heaven’s sake–respect it and be safe!

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