Everybody’s a Hypocrite

People hate hypocracy. It somebody is talking the talk, without walking the walk, that is unacceptable. It’s important to be authentic, and not to pretend to be somebody you aren’t.

So, we all try to hide it.

My Natural Parenting friends are relieved to see bologna in the fridge on our boat, so they then feel free to break out their Wal-mart brand drink boxes.

I’ve been informed that I actually “suck as a minimalist” because we have a rather large collection of mopeds in a portable structure behind our house.

You know what? We all “suck” at what we do, in some way, shape, or form. Because we all set lofty ideals, and, as humans, we all inevitably fall short. We all aspire to be more than what we are, and that is admirable. That may even be the essense of human nature. It’s a good thing.

So there it is. I buy bologna. I have an amazing addiction to Crystal Light’s fake mojito. I love Kroger’s sushi, with all of its disposible plastic containers. I own a few more than 100 possessions…

But, at the heart, I am striving to eat less poison. I am keeping us healthier with our lifestyle choices. I don’t cook with sugar (although there was the day I bought us doughnuts…and we all got sick to our stomachs!). I am moving towards minimalism. I think, like sailing, these choices are a journey. There may not be a “destination.” There may never be a time when you say, “That’s it. I’m here. I am a minimalist.” But I do know that I have better control over my house than I ever have had. I know that there is much more room in my closet than in most people’s. I know that I spend much less time washing the dishes than most families.

So, I’m both a minimalist and a hypocrite. And I’ve always felt that I should level with you about both of those things.

I’ve decided to focus a bit more on minimalism in my life. I will be doing to features each week: “Minimalism Successes,” about areas in which I really feel that we have “arrived” in regards to minimalism, and “Minimalism Struggles,” where I will confess some of our struggles in our efforts to pare down. I will share our first success tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Everybody’s a Hypocrite

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  2. I’m pretty sure Gandhi and Mother Teresa weren’t perfect either. It’s all about the journey and finding what works for each of us as individuals. Labels kind of blow anyways. So eat your bologna and save the doughnuts for me!

    • OMG, Sandra, we have the best doughnut shop in the world here…It’s actually owned by the police, and it’s called “Cops N Doughnuts.” LOL But, man, you’ll fantasize about their creations! There’s a longjohn, with bacon (yes, bacon!) on the top that is surprisingly delectible. Anyway, I guess that’s the excuse I have for my downfall. :-p

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