Decluttering Lessons: Getting the Kids’ Rooms Under Control

After I finished with the clothing, I ventured into Beanie’s room. This was not too difficult, for a couple reasons.

First, we keep most of her toys in the basement. This keeps her room from being too cluttered and eliminates the temptation for her to play after bedtime. We will be changing this when we move her room upstairs, so we will have to deal with that challenge when the time comes. For now, the only toys in her room were the Legos, a toy truck, her balance board, a scooter, lots of stuffed animals, a toy piano, her trampoline, her vacuum and broom, and a crazy amount of books.

Second, we declutter this room a lot, so it never really gets out of control. In fact, I thought it was perfect when we left. But after living on Moonraker, I could definitely see room for improvement.

So how did I declutter Beanie’s room? Here’s how:

1. I did the wardrobe first, so that part of the closet was all set.

2. I pared down the books. I love books, and Beanie loves being read to. But, she had so many that we rarely made it through them all. I wanted to get us down to 20, but I settled on 35. They fit on the shelf in her closet now, and aren’t on top of one another. I think we’ll be able to pare down more after we institute a weekly library date. Beanie has her familiar favorites, which we kept, and a few more because she loves novelty. Eventually, library books will fulfil her desire for something new.

3. As I worked on the books, Beanie played with her stuffed animals. We kept the ones she used, but I was able to eliminate half of the animals (the ones that weren’t used!) without her noticing or caring.

4. The Legos were kicked out of the room. We have an area in the basement for “therapy toys” for guided play. We only get out one of these at a time. Since the Legos always end up spilled all over the floor, it was time for them to join this area. Sorting toys this way really helps cut down on the toy mess.

5. The stuffed animals were moved to the train table, rather than on the bed, so that they wouldn’t end up under the bed every morning.

The end result? A calmer room and a happy Jelly Bean!

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