Consider, for a Moment…

Our intention creates our reality.
Wayne Dyer

Consider, for a moment that reality is incorrect.

What would you do differently…

—If you weren’t all of the labels that others have placed on you, and that you have placed on yourself?

—If the only limitations you experienced were in your own mind?

—If nobody was speaking ill of you, behind your back?

—If nobody was judging you?

—If you were loved unconditionally, by many?

—If you had nothing to feel guilty about, just lessons that you have learned?

—If there was nothing to be afraid of?

—If you knew you would still be loved, in spite of your failures and imperfections?

—If people cared about the things you had to say?

—If everything you did mattered?

True, an abusive friendship will skew reality, in more ways than are imaginable. One by one, I’ve found the basic assumptions that I have held, about myself, other people, and the world around me, to be false. These are things I’ve never questioned, that I’ve just taken for granted to be the truth, for so many years.

But they are not the truth. And knowing that–realizing that, slowly–has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. What if we are all that stands in the way of our dreams? What if we took the plunge, and everything was all right? What if we failed, got back up, and everything was still all right?

You are more than what you assume about yourself. The majority of the world’s population are not waiting to laugh at you when you fail. Your greatest fears are only in your mind.

There is nothing stopping us, except for ourselves.


5 thoughts on “Consider, for a Moment…

  1. You have definitely come a long way when you can add to your list that the majority of people are not waiting to laugh when you fail. This was always my sticking point for so long.

  2. “There is nothing stopping us, except for ourselves.” Yes!! I am my own worst enemy. I am learning how to get out of my own way. Great post, Bethany!

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