And So, Happy Christmas!

And so, every year it gets less stressful and more enjoyable! We learned some lessons this year, and during our time off we’ve definitely grown as a family.

This year, we kept it simple again and focused more on enjoying each other, than on the stuff. We got together with cousins that I haven’t seen in a long time, along with their kids, and everyone had a great time. Friends and family have been the theme, and we will keep it that way.

Next year, we will procrastinate even less. We didn’t finish Beanie’s Moonraker model, but we will and she’ll get it then (and you’ll see a picture). We moved our Christmas celebration to the 27th, so we would have more time, with me not working, before then. Next year we will do the same, or even move it to New Year’s.

Anyway, I declare our holiday a success! Here are some pictures, from our celebrations.

First, we visited my parents and grandparents. And Beanie became a princess.

Beanie’s great-grandma Eileen made scarves for the three of us!
Rob was definitely being a mans man, with his new sock garters…
Then it was on to Rob’s family: “Grumpa” and Linda, as well as Beanie’s uncle Chris and aunt Kelly.
Dad and I both and planned on inciting a marshmallow fight, but then we thought better of it, considering Lindas nice carpet…

Up to my elbow in cookie dough--for cookie dough rumballs!

Kellys giving Rob "the look!"

Cooking with my "sister," Kelly.

Yes, hes in the kitchen!

This is Dads friend Linda, a welcome member of the family! (She also happens to be related to my early childhood "boyfriend," which provides us with a lot of amusement...)

Heliocoptors for the boys!

After that, it was time to head to Rob’s cousin’s house, for a get together with his extended family. Beanie had a little buddy to play with, and we all had fun!

Beanie found the cats house.

All right, do you remember the Swamp? We have a white elephant auction, in leiu of traditional gifts, at this party. And one year, before Beanie was born, Grandma Rosselit brought this hideous sculpture (that she’d won at a different white elephant) called “The Swamp.” Every year, the Swamp makes a return. Last year, I was the unfortunate recipient.
And then there’s “The Swamp.” Years ago, Rob’s grandma brought it to the White Elephant auction. It has been returning every year since. with new “decorations” added onto it. I picked a box that was not the right shape, but I didn’t see that, underneath, was written “part 1…” I do have to say it’s previous steward let some parts fall off, so we’ll have to take the hot glue gun to it for next year.
Well, this year, I was the lucky giver. I decided to make it so obviously the Swamp, so it wouldn’t get picked until last. Then someone would have the bite the bullet, and take it. I wrapped it in one of our homemade gift bags.
Well, I went first, then it was Aunt Pam’s turn. She went right for my bag! I was biting my lip and had tears in my eyes, as she opened it…

She struggled with the ties, and Rob said, “That’s one of my bags, but I didn’t tie it so tight.” I said, “Oh I did.” Everything in the room stopped, and Aunt Pam asked, “YOU did?” Everyone, remembering what gift I had received last year, burst out laughing. When she opened it, I was practically rolling on the floor!

We added a picture frame, so she can put whomever she wants into the swamp. Why am I afraid it will be me?

The rest of the party was fun, and Beanie especially liked Grumpa’s present.

With all of the parties, and the fact that my break started so close to Christmas, we decided that Santa wouldn’t visit our house until the 27th. We had a big party planned, but when the time came, we were ready to take it easy.

Then, in the evening, it was time to open the gifts! We didn’t finish Beanie’s model of Moonraker, but she will get that when it’s done. No need for an arbitrary deadline.

Candyland for Beanie!

Battling tanks for Rob and me. We dont have our fencing gear yet, so this will be one way to dual!

Some anime for Rob!
Beanie’s new look!


Vintage Little People toys for Beanie.

And the big gifts. For Rob, I bought tickets to “A Prairie Home Companion,” in Madison, Wisconsin, in January. This is a midwestern US public radio show, so here is their website, if you haven’t heard of it. My parents are covering the airfare, and baby-sitting.

Rob’s gift to me arrived earlier in the day. We’ve had an old piano for years, and it’s never been properly tuned. So it is basically unplayable. Today, the piano tuner arrived and went to work! I’m very rusty with my playing, but I know music is not about being the best. Still, give me a week or so. Then I’ll play for all of you.

So, it was a good Christmas. Now we begin the New Year, which is really just the countdown to launch day…We’re coming up on the home stretch, folks!

In the words of Jean, Rob’s mom, watching from above: “And may God bless us, every one!”

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