An Unexpected Package

Today, while I was at work, a package came in the mail. The return address was for a photographer. Rob opened it, thinking it was a bit early for the camera parts he’d ordered to be arriving. Interestingly, he didn’t notice the city it was coming from.

Ludington, Michigan.

That’s right. Wrapped in the package, mailed earlier this week, was my wallet. Inside it were our ATM cards and the entire $80 that we’d long written off as gone.

Let’s just say that my faith in humanity, and in our favorite part of that state, have been restored. I think a little something–maybe a gift card for dinner–needs to be sent back to Ludington.

So that’s it. There are honest folk out there. And, I dare say, a lot more of us than we realize. Let’s all build up some good karma and make the world a bit more pleasant.

And…if you’re ever in Ludington and want to capture the moment, by all means call Denyse Briggs Photography!

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