A Visit Back Home

Last Sunday, we decided to make a trip to Moonraker.

We had already winterized the boat, but the mast had not been unstepped at that time (we’re going to do bulkhead and mast repairs next spring), so we could not cover it. We got notification that the mast had been unstepped, shortly before the weather from hurricane Sandy came through (hurricanes are not even tropical storms by the time they reach us, but they can still wreak havoc on the Lakes).

Well, just as we’d feared, a lot of water came in through the hole where the mast had been. This didn’t seem to cause any further rot on the bulkheads, though, so we should be able to patch them without fully replacing them next spring. The carpet was moldy, but we’re planning on replacing the carpet with fake-wood flooring. The worst part–the bilge was full of water and mold. We had no battery in the boat, so we had to jury rig the wiring to get power from the car to the bilge pump (our manual pump broke during the storm in Thunder Bay, two summers ago).

We no longer own a cradle (our old one was falling apart, and we decided we would rather not deal with storing and transporting it), so we rent stands. This marina put the boat on a cradle that they owned, instead, which probably kept it safer in the high winds.

When we were done, we took a much-needed walk down the seawall, where we lived for two weeks last summer. Beanie knew immediately where she was and excitedly led the way. It was every bit as pleasant as we remembered it, and, on the way back, we saw some kids playing on the sailboat sculpture. Beanie happily joined them, and she cried when it was time to leave.

It was great to visit our home.

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