10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

All right, I love “confession” posts–everybody has something interesting to share, and those are ALWAYS interesting! However, I’m not such a fan of writing confessions myself.

So here are some interesting things–not necessarily confessions–that you probably didn’t know about me:

1. My legs are quite uneven. My right leg is actually 1 1/8 inches longer than my left leg. You can’t really tell, except that I walk with a very slight limp. And it’s fun to freak people out, when I stretch out my legs in front of me.

2. I can’t whistle or snap my fingers. Oh, people have tried to show me how to do it! But, nope.

3. I studied German in high school. Ja, gern!

4. I have a lot of bizarre sensory hang-ups. I can’t stand the sound of plastic or rubber creaking, people drying their hands with school paper towels, or anything touching the place where my neck meets my shoulder.

5. My hair has been black, red (after we bleached out the black), and platinum blond. I quit coloring it when I started getting gray hair.

6. I worked for the Salvation Army in college. Not the thrift store–I worked for their day camp and after school program. It was a great job, and a really good cause. Give money to the bell ringers whenever you can!

7. I’ve had head lice three times. I have baby fine hair and a sensitive scalp, so it was absolutely miserable. The last time I got it, was from a day camp kid when I was in college.

8. I used to be quite the rebel-without-a-clue. In high school (after Kendra–I think I was doing a bit of rebelling against that), I wore princess dresses, wooden shoes, and cat glasses.

9. I played the clarinet in school, but in college, I taught myself to play the saxophone, and played two solos in jazz band.

10. I’m a pacifist, but I’m also a pretty decent marksman. We went target shooting on a regular basis when I was pregnant (we had my OB’s blessing!). My weapon of choice? My great-grandma’s 22.

So, there! Some suprises for this February Wednesday. (And no, it is NOT Ash Wednesday! That was LAST WEEK. But then, I have a co-worker who has decided that Lent starts TOMORROW, so that should could buy packzis on sale today…)

7 thoughts on “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

  1. This was a fun list, I enjoyed learning more about you. My grandmother insisted the best hair color I ever had was when I stripped all the color out and was the “bleach blonde”. Head lice has to be one of my worst phobias. I worked as a beautician and feared ever getting someone in my seat who had them. Just the words will make me begin to itch everywhere. I can’t whistle either. I tried for years, it frustrated me then when I was in my mid 30s a doctor asked me if I could whistle, talk about frustrating. It was then I learned it is a specific problem with people with my type of dystrophy. but I can snap my fingers

  2. Great list! I may have to do one of my own. Maybe I will do that tomorrow, since my brain is kind of fuzzy this week. Hope you don’t mind me using you for inspiration!

  3. I guess I didn’t know you can’t whistle or snap your fingers. But everybody I work with knows about your bouts of head lice. It comes up quite often, as we have a student that can’t seem to get rid of them. Your best dyed hair look was the black hair.

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