Zoo Trip!

Today, Beanie’s class went to the Saginaw Children’s Zoo. I used a personal day and joined them!

It was fun to see the Bean in her “natural habitat,” with her classmates. She was immediately called over to sit by two girls on the bus, and she mingled with all the kids (and adults!). She knows the other kids with disabilities quite well, since they do morning circle time together, but she has just as many friends without disabilities. It was a fun day!

Looking at the prairie dog

With her Head Start teacher

I forgot my camera and had to use the iPad, which over exposed a number of pictures, like this one. But this is, indeed, a "Mama Llama!"

With one of her classroom aides

With her special ed teacher

The peacocks (who were running loose) were the Bean's favorite attraction!

Lunch time!

Over the wobbly, floating bridge. Good thing Beanie has good sea legs!

Yup, this was a personal day well spent!

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