Zero Waste Wednesday: Working Our Way Down

Producing close to Zero Waste is a lofty goal..and one that can seem impossibly unobtainable. We made the New Year’s resolution to produce no more than one grocery bag of garbage in a month, and it’s hard to know where to start.

We’ve been using reusable containers for grocery shopping, and buying in bulk whenever possible. We even get our shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, and laundry detergent in bulk, so that we don’t have the container waste.

We used to recycle a lot. The problems arose when the items for recycling took over our kitchen, especially if we weren’t able to get to the recycling center that week. Now, since we’ve reduced our waste in general, we only have a few items to recycle. I’ve put an extra garbage can under the sink, for these items.

Food waste is our next project. We’re not home enough for composting to be practical, but we do live in the woods. I’ve found that if I leave clippings and other food waste outside, they will be gone in the morning. The trick here, like with recycling, is to reduce first. We really try to eat as much of the food as possible, so there is less waste in the first place.

With all these changes, we’re filling one kitchen-sized bag per week, if we don’t count garbage from decluttering/remodeling. I think the next step is to fill a kitchen-sized bag every other week. Only after we are able to do that consistently for a couple of weeks, will we look at filling a kitchen-sized bag every three weeks, then every month. After that, we will work toward filling a grocery bag every month.

It’s definitely do-able. I’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Zero Waste Wednesday: Working Our Way Down

    • It surprises me how easy the waste-reducing thing became, once we started using reusable containers. It really helped our budget too!

      By the way, I’m enjoying reading about your start as newlyweds. You have such an amusing–and accurate–perspective on the world!

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