Zero Waste Wednesday: What About Art Projects?

Beanie has an artistic streak. I definitely don’t want to suppress that. However, I also don’t want to have wasted paper cluttering our house, filled with her projects. Here are some ways we allow her to express her creativity:

1. Dry erase boards are wonderful. Get some high-quality (not likely to run out right away and end up in landfills) markers and a large board. Kids can draw pictures, shapes, letters, anything!\

2. Chalk is also a wonderful tool. You can paint your wall with chalkboard paint, buy a small slate, or take your kid outside to decorate the sidewalk! Be sure to get plenty of colors.

3. Magnadoodles are great for drawing. Beanie takes hers in the car and in the stroller. She spends hours using it.

4. Bath tub crayons can provide another reusable drawing medium. We have also used shaving cream and bathtub finger paints (and regular finger paints, in the bath tub!).

5. Cooking can be art. Use food coloring to decorate sugar cookies. Use frosting on cakes or brownies. Then share the goodies!

6. At Christmas time, make a cookie house. It’s fun to create, and the birds will eat it when you are finished!

7. Home made playdough will eventually create some waste, but it will be used many times before then!

8. Peanut butter playdough is another edible alternative!

9. Home made clay has a different consistency than playdough, and it will also last a long time.

10. Both sand and snow provide children with many sculpture-making opportunities–for free and with no waste!

I hope now you can find the opportunity to allow your child to express themself, with out creative more garbage for you to deal with!

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