Zero Waste Wednesday: Waste Free Gift Giving

We’re thinking ahead, to Christmas, and we really want to reduce the waste involved. Here are the steps we are taking:

–We are collecting scarves and fabric for wrapping paper.

–Every kid gets: a book, an outfit, and a present. Books and outfits are necessities, and are rarely thrown out.

–For the present, we think activities ahead of gifts. Museum memberships, community center gift certificates, swimming lessons, etc. are really good gifts.

–If there is no activity nearby, we ask the parents what the kid would want.

–For adults, it’s all about food gifts. Home brewed beer, home roasted coffee beans, spiced nuts… We have one couple we get together with, and we just exchange “adult beverages” that we’ve made at home. It is absolutely delightful!

–For stockings, think oranges (organic, please! Otherwise, they may have been harvested using slave labor) and other food goodies. I love making popcorn balls!

–Grandparents have enough stuff. For them, a food gift and a Kiva donation. Kiva helps people help themselves, and they send you updates on the person you’ve chosen to help. Also, they are loans, so eventually you will get to re-donate the money to someone else.

Remember that it’s all about the spirit of giving! Don’t let materialism ruin the season for you.

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