Zero Waste Wednesday: Mismatched Plates

This is a fun was to add personality to your kitchen and reduce waste at the same time.

Walking through any thrift store, you will see many outdated, single plates, being sold for a dollar or less apiece. These plates are going to sit in the thrift stores until they are eventually thrown away, destined for the landfill. What if we were to buy three of these and use them for meals? We couldn’t help but wonder.

So, Beanie picked out a blue plate, ruffled along the edge. Rob chose a 1970’s vintage dish, decorated with green vegetables. For me, it was a blue china piece. Those are our plates. Beanie knows where to place each one when she sets the table, and we are each in charge of washing our own. We tried to pick out mismatched forks as well, but the only interesting one was a small one for the Bean. We will continue searching.

So what about company? We’ll just keep looking for more interesting plates. We only need two more, for hosting. We’ll keep them up on the top shelf in the cupboard, so we won’t be tempted to use them ourselves and cause dishes to pile up.

So, here is our table, set for dinner. We think it looks really nice with our kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Zero Waste Wednesday: Mismatched Plates

  1. I really like the plates
    We picked out multiple colors in fiestaware as our “wedding china” and love the mismatched thing. But I bet the kids would adore picking out something with a picture on it!!

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