Zero Waste Wednesday: Developing a Wardrobe

After Christmas, I’m going to go shopping. And what I purchase will further my journey into voluntary simplicity.

For clothes.

Yes, I have clothing. I currently own a lovely pair of jeans, an Old Navy MP3 player sweatshirt that fits nicely, a homemade-looking skirt, an Enwrapture skirt, two short-sleeved shirts, one 3/4 length sleeve shirt, a denim jacket, a black blazer, and a pink sundress (the only one from last summer that has held up, after some repairs from Rob). I’ve got 10 pieces, and they work well. On Monday I wear the homemade looking skirt with a shirt and the blazer. Tuesday I wear Enwrapture with a shirt and the denim jacket. Then I change (temporarily) into my jeans and do the laundry. Wednesday I wear the homemade looking skirt with a shirt and the denim jacket. Thursday I wear the Enwrapture (facing the other way–it’s reversible!) with the 3/4 length sleeve shirt. Friday is blue jean day, so I wear the jeans and the sweatshirt.

So what’s the problem?

Well, I’ve kind of lost 40 pounds within the last year. The homemade looking skirt and one of my shirts completely hang on me. The Enwrapture skirt is falling apart. Also, the pink dress gets no wear during the school year, and my other outfits will get no wear during the summer.

We do laundry every 3 days, but that does not produce a full load. We would like to fill the machine (without creating an extra load) on wash day, especially in the summer when we’re using coin laundry.

It will take some experimenting, but we think we will fill the machine every 5 days. We will try it every 4 days and see if we should wait an extra day. So, that laundry will happen every 5 days, this is my dream wardrobe.

I will keep:

1. The denim jacket, but I will put new buttons on it.

2. The jeans.

3. The sundress.

4. One of the shirts. (The one that doesn’t hang on me).

Then, thanks to eBay, I hope to aquire:

A white dress, befitting of a sailor girl. In the off-season, it would go well with a long jacket. The jacket would also go well over the sundress. I would opt for a lighter color–perhaps a brown or lighter grey.

Next, something simple and sleeveless, that could go on the boat and go with the blazer and denim jacket.

And one more fun dress, that could take both jackets…

(OK, so I probably won’t get the tats…)

And I will top it all off with a pair of shorts that actually fit. So there you have it, a 9 piece wardrobe for me! If you count shoes, I’ll keep my sneakers (which really do double as boots, for my purposes), my dress shoes (which I only wear indoors, at work), and buy a sturdy pair of sandals. That will put me at 12 pieces, and I won’t even wear shoes most of the summer!

I will post updates as I gather them…

2 thoughts on “Zero Waste Wednesday: Developing a Wardrobe

  1. I’m not looking to downsize my wardrobe that much, but what I am hoping to do is replace my worn out clothes with fewer, but better quality items. However, in the new year I hope to get to work getting rid of a lot of junk I own and making my life a bit less cluttered.

    I’m loving your tips as I plan this out!

    • Finding clothes that last really is a challenge. I’ve had the best luck with thrift store purchases. If it’s in good shape and for sale used, that means it’s held up! Otherwise, I’ve had name brand pants the ripped right away and a couple Kohl’s purchases that were surprisingly durable (but, for Heaven’s sake, avoid Apt. 9! They all fall apart on the first washing!).

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