Zero Waste Wednesday: Cloth Diapers

I’d say that cloth diapers were my “gateway” into crunchiness. The concept of disposable diapers always bothered me, so I was always intrigued by cloth. When I read about Fuzzy Buns in Parents magazine, I was hooked!

So, here’s a primer, for those of you just getting started, or researching this. There are, of course, the old school diapers. Pros: Cheap, easy to find, no sewing required. Cons: They don’t absorb anything, they require pins.

If you want to move up a level, consider prefolds. These diapers are like the old-school kind, except that they are thicker all around, especially in the middle. Pros: Afforable, easy to make, absorbent. Cons: You’ll need covers, require diaper pins.

For something a bit easier, try fitteds. These attach with Velcro or snaps. Pros: Easier, no pins, relatively easy to make. Cons: Still need a cover, hard to find in stores.

Rob made some fitteds, and they worked well. Then, my friend, Dori, gave me some pocket diapers, and I became spoiled. These diapers have pockets, into which you stuff inserts (microfiber, wash cloths, whatever) that absorb a LOT. They come apart in the wash and line dry really well. The only con is that you will probably have to make them, and they are not often commercially produced.

And then there are AIO’s (all-in-ones), the Cadillac of diapers. These are just like disposables, only cloth. They are easy to find online and quite absorbent. Cons: they take longer to dry than pocket diapers, and they are quite expensive.

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