Zero Waste Wednesday: A Zero Waste Car

Yes, cars do produce waste. (For a unique way to reduce that, look here). This post, however, is about reducing the waste inside your car! This is an easy way for us to move toward our resolution of producing less garbage.

We love road trips. Sometimes we get up and, spur of the moment, pile into the car and take off on a new adventure. Often, there is nothing more refreshing than a change of scenery.

Which leads to the build-up. Pop cans, coffee cups, food wrappers, and the like fill my once-shiny vehicle. Here are some ideas for preventing all the waste:

1. Keep 2 travel mugs in each car. They can be filled with coffee that you bring, coffee that you buy, water, or even fountain soda.

2. When you have time to prepare, bring LOTS of food. Veggie wraps make an excellent on-the-road lunch. Raw veggies, nuts, popcorn, and granola are great car snacks.

3. If you must stop for a meal or snack, stop at a grocery store. You’ll be able to find something that uses less packaging. Fresh fruit are wonderful for this! Sure, there will be some waste, but not nearly as much.

4. Keep your grocery shopping supplies–canvas bags, empty containers, produce bags, etc.–in the car. You can use these for unexpected grocery store stops, and they will be there when you actually do go shopping.

5. If you get the mail while in the car, bring it all in right away! Most of it can be recycled.

I hope this helps you keep your automobile clean and happy!

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